Sunday 20 September 2009

Introduction to the blog

My first encounter with Cadopia IntelliCAD was in early 2000, when the company I worked for was looking to move from Cadvance to AutoCAD. There was nothing wrong with Cadvance other than we could not readily find staff who knew how to fly it.

As over 40% of our staff were Agency / Temporary. It was important that we use software that they could be productive on from day one..

I had read on alt.cad.acad about intelliCAD and suggested that we investigate this product further

The Senior Management Team decided that the company would only upgrade to AutoCAD, and that we should not consider any other product than AutoCAD.

Since then I have investigated further, on my own time and IMHO they made a great error of judgement, IntelliCAD is so much like AutoCAD that users of one can fly the other without any real learning curve.

Nearly all of the Commands in AutoCAD are found in IntelliCAD. The Toolbars are mostly in the same order and the graphics on the buttons near enough for an AutoCAD user to identify the button, but different enough for Cadopia not to be prosecuted for copyright

IntelliCAD costs less than 10% of the cost Full AutoCAD!

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Background Information about IntelliCAD

An Article about the history of IntelliCAD by Tony Zilles on the CADinfo.NET Web site. A much better, shorter read than the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium web site.

What Different Versions of IntelliCAD are there, and what do they cost ?

Commercial members of the ITC license the IntelliCAD source code and are free to modify the technology to meet their particular needs.

Members are free to name their products IntelliCAD but have the option of identifying their products with a different name.

Since the IntelliCAD technology is under continuous development, most members choose to add on to their products using the LISP, SDS, and/or VBA API's rather than directly modify the source code.

Most member's products contain the standard features as shipped by the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium. Some members combine the technology with their own vertical solutions to create a complete design package for various engineering and architectural disciplines.

The ITC has a list of their Member's and their respective products at

Thus you will find terms like Standard, Classic, Iron, Silver, Gold, Pro, Pro Plus etc. etc. That means that a Standard Edition from Member A may not be the the same as a Standard Edition from Member B.

Can you purchase IntelliCAD in the UK ?

It is possible to purchase IntelliCAD from a source within the UK.

Not everyone is happy purchasing goods over the internet using credit cards, because of the obvious security issues. One also has to remember that Customs will add 3.5% Import Duty and 15% VAT, plus the Post Office will add a handling fee for pre paying the Import Duty and VAT and then recovering it from you.

For this reason CADopia have appointed CADENTIAL as the UK Reseller for IntelliCAD.

IntelliCAD Reading Room

The CAD Digest reading room for IntelliCAD contains links to tutorials and selected articles whaich are denoted with a special star symbol and picked by or written by CADdigest staff and therefore conform to their exacting editorial standards for relevance, interest, usefulness and timeliness.